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The Android Mobile Chrome Browser will Add a New Quick-Close Button for All Open Tabs

Android Chrome quick-close open tabs button

An Android Chrome quick-close open tabs button is in-the-works, but there is no planned launch date for the convenience feature at this time…

The little things can matter a whole lot. It’s not just the big new options and features which make the most sense in some instances. One such example is a new shortcut planned for the Android Chrome mobile browser.

Android Chrome Quick-Close Open Tabs Button Planned

In a recent code commit, it seems Google is prepping to deliver a quick close button for all open tabs. Although somewhat redundant as Chrome for Android already has such a function — by going to the tab page, tapping the overflow menu, and selecting “Close All Tabs.”

What’s different is the new quick-close open tabs shortcut would appear in its own dedicated location. And, it will also be accompanied by a garbage can icon to illustrate its function:

It’s a small change, but one that puts what’s already available in one location. Although, there is no ETA for the option. But, since it’s appearing in the code commit, it’s likely to surface in the next few iterations.

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