September 25, 2022
Android Chrome read pages offline

Android Chrome Read Pages Offline Feature Improvements Roll Out

New Android Chrome read pages offline feature improvements come to the web browser app, offering more options to better user experience for lost connections…

Google launched an Android Chrome read pages offline feature in 2016. It’s proven quite popular and useful, particularly where internet connections are spotty. Today, the company rolled out some new improvements for better UX or user experience. These include a long-press download link option, download page later button, and an offline badge.

Android Chrome Read Pages Offline Feature Improvements Introduced

“Last year, we introduced the ability to download any webpage, so you can view the whole page completely offline. More than 45 million web pages are downloaded every week—and today we’re adding improvements to make it even easier to download pages,” Product Manager Tal Oppenheimer writes.

Android Chrome read pages offline screenshots
Credit: Google

Android Chrome users can now long-press any link. A menu appears, with four options: “Open in new tab,” “Open in incognito tab,” “Download link,” and “Remove.” This feature also works on the New Tab page, when users long-press on any suggested article.

When an internet connection is lost, on the offline dinosaur page, users will now see a “Download Page Later” button. Tapping on the button automatically downloads the page. Google additionally states it is making it easier to access downloaded content. When users open a new tab, downloaded content appears with a new offline badge. And, a list of recent downloads will also appear.

“Now you’ll always have a ready-to-go list of pages or articles to read even if you are out of data for the month or lose the network in a dead zone.” To access the new Android Chrome read pages offline feature, download the latest version from the Google Play store. 

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