September 15, 2022
Android device Google Play Store app update notifications end

Android Devices No Longer Alert Users to Completed Updates from the Google Play Store to Cut Down on Notification Spam

Google no longer alerts Android device owners to completed mobile application updates through the Play Store as a default behavior…

Smartphone owners are accustomed to alerts and notifications popping-up and sounding-off all the time. It’s merely part of the experience but can be the source of unwanted annoyance. Now, Google is doing something about notification spam — at least when it comes to completed app updates.

Android Device Google Play Store App Update Notifications End

Android devices no longer alert owners to completed application updates via the Google Play Store. People first started to notice the missing notifications as early as November of last year. 

Thereafter, some people reported said alerts would appear after apps updated but then would not trigger notifications. The back-and-forth of on-and-off kept occurring, leading device owners to chalk the inconsistency up to bugs.

Now, a spokesperson for Google has confirmed to Android Police the absent alerts are a new default feature.

Apparently, there’s always been a setting to turn off notifications when apps update but Google is making it the default action not to send alerts to lessen the number of notifications users receive.

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