June 23, 2022
Android iOS sign-in

Android Devices can Now Sign Users into iOS Devices

Android-iOS sign-in sounds strange to many but it’s now a reality, thanks to a new security key Google uses for Apple devices…

The last thing loyal brand consumers would think is possible is an Apple-Google collaboration. But, it’s happened and the few who have both kinds of mobile devices now have a new option.

Android Devices can Now Sign Users into iOS Devices

It’s an Android-iOS sign-in tool, working via Google’s Smart Lock app. If that software program is installed on an iPhone or iPad — along with 2-step verification active — double device owners can unlock their iOS devices. 

All it takes is the Google Smart Lock app, 2-step verification, and pressing the Android device volume down button. A green light comes on and that’s the go-ahead signal.

Thereafter, the Android device signs owners in on their iOS mobile devices. Although it’s not for wide application, it will provide convenience for some.

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