June 23, 2021
Android Emergency Location Services

Google Expands its Mobile Emergency Location Services to include Carrier T-Mobile

Android Emergency Location Services come to three more partner companies, including T-Mobile in the latest expansion of the feature…

Google first introduced Emergency Location Services for Android in 2016. Since that time, it’s rolled out to 14 countries, handling more than 140,000 calls per day. Now, the tech giant is adding three more partners — T-Mobile, RapidSOS, and West. 

Android Emergency Location Services Feature Expanded in New T-Mobile Partnership

Google states that more than 80 percent of emergency calls come from mobile phones. So, tracking exact locations with weak connections or those obscured by infrastructure, or blocked by indoor interference is quite difficult. 

But, Google can pinpoint locations using cell, GPS, and Wi-Fi signals, as well as info from other smartphone sensors. With its ELS technology, Android devices decrease the average radius from 522 feet to just 121 feet.

The tool is already present on 99 percent of Android phones, running version 4.0 or higher. It works in the background. When someone places an emergency call, the device automatically sends his or her location to the emergency center.

Google states it will continue to expand the technology to more partners and more countries around the world in the future.

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