November 5, 2022
Facebook dark mode theme

Some Android Device Owners are Beginning to See a Dark Mode for Facebook

Facebook is starting to offer a dark theme for its Android mobile app, following many others who have already adopted the feature…

A lot of applications have implemented a dark theme, offering an alternative for low-light situations and a battery-life saving component. But, others haven’t adopted the option, like the world’s largest social network. That is, until now.

Android Facebook Dark Mode Spotted

Facebook is now beginning to offer a dark mode for its Android app. However, it’s only showing up briefly, disappearing without warning. People have started to report seeing a dark theme on Facebook for Android on various online forums and of course, social media.

It’s already known Facebook has been working diligently on a dark mode for at least the past few months, but it’s not yet appeared.

Although, the social corporation has implemented the option on subsidiaries WhatsApp and Messenger. So, it’s likely it isn’t too far off from wide release for Facebook.

Android Facebook dark mode
Credit: Android Police

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