November 4, 2022
Android Firefox Focus Google Safe Browsing

Firefox Focus Now Supports Google Safe Browsing Tech on Android

Android Firefox Focus Google Safe Browsing support is now live and available, further making the mobile web portal more secure…

Firefox Focus is a privacy-centric browser. It keeps users’ data safe, blocks internet activity trackers for social, analytics, an advertising. Also, the portal immediately wipes users’ search histories clean upon closing out the app. Now, it’s equipped with the Google Safe Browsing service, at least, for Android devices.

Android Firefox Focus Google Safe Browsing Feature Added

The latest update to the Firefox Focus mobile browser for Android not only includes Google Safe Browsing, but also, Enhanced Tracking Protection.

Google Safe Browsing is a tool which prevents users from going to websites deemed dangerous, like those containing malware or just plain bad user experience, such as ad-laden, low quality pages.

Google routinely updates a list of websites the service finds detrimental and warns users of the danger. (Users can still proceed, at their own discretion.)

The Enhanced Tracking Protection blocks third-party trackers from accessing storage or leaving cookies while going from site to site.

All-in-all, these additions provide extra layers of security and privacy for users to enjoy. The Firefox Focus mobile browser for Android is available for free download on the Google Play Store.

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