September 15, 2022
google android gboard stickers bitmoji

Gboard for Android Introducing Stickers, Bitmoji Starting Today

Google Android Gboard stickers and Bitmoji support begins to arrive on mobile devices starting today, giving users more ways to express themselves…

Over the next few days, Google will roll out sticker and Bitmoji support for its Android Gboard.

“Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to say. In those moments…sticker away! With the latest Gboard for Android update, you can now easily share our new downloadable stickers or Bitmoji in any app that supports image pasting, including your favorite messaging apps on Android. Whatever you’re feeling—happy or sad, silly or sleepy, courageous or cuddly, wired or weird—you can find a way to say it with stickers,” Alan Ni, Associate Product Manager, explains on the official Google blog.

Google Android Gboard Stickers, Bitmoji Rolling Out

Now, Gboard for Android will allow users to insert stickers and Bitmoji into any app on their devices. However, users must download sticker packs first. While most are free, some aren’t. For instance, Disney charges $1.99 for Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, and Star Wars. But, Google Allo selfie stickers come without charge.  

google android gboard stickers bitmoji
Credit: Google

Once the sticker packs are downloaded, they will appear right beside the familiar emoticon and GIF buttons on Gboard. At this time, sticker and Bitmoji support isn’t available on iOS but will likely arrive sometime in the future.

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