November 7, 2022
Android Google app

Android Google App Refreshed with New Shortcuts

The latest beta update for the Android Google app contains shortcuts to frequently used features, such as weather, nearby restaurants, Solitaire and more…

The Android Google app just experienced a reiteration, adding a row of shortcuts for the most regularly used features inside the Google Now home screen. It now includes widgets for weather, restaurants nearby, calculator, ATMs nearby, coffee shops nearby, My Events, Solitaire, coin flip, and Tic Tac Toe. “I’m feeling lucky,” is another shortcut.

Android Google App Sports New Quick Use Shortcuts

The Android Google app on Pixel and Pixel XL includes a home screen right swipe gesture to display the shortcuts. The shortcuts update based upon frequency of use.

Users running the latest beta version can tap a “View All” located at the end of the shortcuts row, which opens a page containing well-organized, high-level categories. These include Nearby Entertainment, Tools, Fun, Weather, Travel, and My Stuff. My Stuff contains My Events, My Emails, My Flights, and My Hotels.

The newest Google app updates are currently not available to users not running the latest beta version on iOS and Android, according to Venture Beat. (Users must run Google app beta version 6.10.35.)

In December of last year, the tech company released a new version of the Google app, a new version of Chrome, and revamped its desktop search interface. The search giant also began testing a Google app recent tab and lite mode. Last year, various Facebook and Google apps topped the most popular of all in 2016.

Although Google Assistant is the hallmark of its Pixel devices and more powerful, it’s not yet mainstream. By comparison, the Google Now app counts more than 1 billion device downloads, making it quite ubiquitous worldwide. 

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