July 3, 2022
Google Drive Material Design Android

Google Drive for Android Next Likely Candidate to Receive Material Design Makeover

An Android Google Drive Material Design makeover is imminent, as it’s appearing for a few users who have shared screenshots…

Google continues to bring its Material Design elements to more and more of its products. Just recently, the changes have been spotted in various unreleased services, such as Google Translate. (Its been publicly released on ChromeYouTube, the Google account sign-in page, GoogleCalendar and Maps, and it’s even applied to Google Opinion Rewards.)

Android Google Drive Material Design Spotted

Now, Material Design appears like it’s readying for prime time on Google Drive for Android, according to XDA Developers, in collaboration with Kieron Quinn.

There’s nothing out of the ordinary. It features a bottom navigation bar. The menu bar contains shortcuts for Home, Starred, Shared, and Files, as seen in the screenshots below:

Android Google Drive Material Design
Credit: Kieron Quinn

With the refresh comes a persistent search box (a search bar which follows the user as he or she scrolls up and down the screen). The other options are neatly tucked away in the hamburger menu at the top left. Like other services which have the new elements, there’s a big multicolored “plus” icon at the bottom right to create something new.

Interestingly, the progress bar which shows users how much storage space remains available, isn’t present. It does sport the now familiar rounded corners, along with the Google Product Sans font.

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