February 24, 2021
Android Google Duo Screen Sharing Reappears after Two Year Hiatus

Screen Sharing Reappears on Google Duo for Android, after Two Year Absence

Google has reintegrated its screen sharing option into Google Duo on Android, after being gone for about two years…

For about a quarter in 2018, Google Duo sported a built-in screen sharing tool on Android. Then, it disappeared. Fast forward to June of this year, and code for the option reappeared in the app. Now, Google has recently announced the capability is returning to Duo on Android. “Now you can use screen sharing to browse photos and videos together, and plan activities all while on a video call.”

Android Google Duo Screen Sharing Reappears after Two Year Hiatus

Google says the feature is intended for showing media, which is a bit obvious. But, it could have other functions, outside of sharing moments with family and friends. For instance, it could be very useful in remote tech support situations. Of course, there are probably other uses, though Google didn’t show off the full user interface, so it’s unknown how many options will be made available.

At this time, the returning Google Duo screen sharing feature is limited to Android. But, Google will probably extend the capability to iOS, along with the web, sometime in the not too distant future. It’s also unclear if it will arrive on an upcoming update or through a server-side switch.

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