October 28, 2020
Android Google Keep undo redo controls

Android Google Keep Undo/Redo Controls Now in Latest Version

New Android Google Keep undo redo controls are now available in the popular note-taking mobile app, contained in version 3.4.803.02…

Google certainly offers a number of useful products and services. Among them is Google Keep, a mobile native app and web page that allows users to make lists, set reminders, dictate voice notes, take pictures, draw, and more. But, until now, it lacked an essential feature so common with text input and editing — undo/redo controls.

Android Google Keep Undo/Redo Controls Appear in Latest Version

In the latest version (3.4.803.02), the popular note-taking app sports undo/redo controls right at the bottom of the screen, in between the add button and overflow option buttons:

android-google-keep-undo-redo controls screenshot
Credit: 9To5Google

But, the new Google Keep undo/redo controls come with some surprising limits. Although all content backs up in the cloud, its edit history is notably short. The edit history only includes the current session, so once a user closes the app, there isn’t a record. Meaning the undo/redo controls disappear until the user add something new.

Still, it’s welcome addition, particularly for heavy users of the Android app.

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