November 6, 2022
Android Google Maps testing full bottom bar redesign

Google is Experimenting with a Full Bottom Bar on Google Maps for Android

Google is working on a new redesign for its Google Maps app for Android, putting more functionality on a more robust bottom bar…

Some users are beginning to report seeing a vastly different interface on Google Maps for Android. Although the overall utilitarian interface remains the same, the hamburger menu previously residing in the top left is gone. Instead, the bottom bar is now where most of the shortcuts are located.

Android Google Maps App Testing Full Bottom Bar Redesign

The new Google Maps for Android redesign ditches the three horizontal line menu in the upper left. However, the side menu is still available. Most notable are the button which run along the bottom.

Currently, Google Maps for Android has three bottom bar shortcuts: Explore, Commute, and For You. However, with the redesign, there are five buttons — Explore, Commute, Places, Post, and Latest. Apparently “Latest” is a replacement of the “For You” shortcut.

It seems Google is making it easier for Local Guides to contribute content, with “Post” now being so conspicuous. 

Meanwhile, at the top, the shortcut buttons remain the same: Home, Restaurants, Coffee, Hotels, Bars, Events, Parks, Gas, and More.

new Google Maps for Android full bottom bar redesign
Credit: 9to5Google

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