June 20, 2021
Android Google Podcasts episode sharing

Google Podcasts Android Users can Now Share Episodes and Shows

Android Google Podcasts episode sharing is now here and a long-awaited option and it even integrates into Google Assistant and Home…

Google Podcasts for Android launched in June but it debuted without one key feature. Recently, the company added support for Chromecast and integration with Google Home and Assistant. Yet, it’s only now that episode and show sharing is making its way out to users.

Android Google Podcasts Episode Sharing Debuts

Upon release, the app limited sharing to a link generation tool. This method, simply wasn’t consumer-focused. Now, that’s changed. Google Podcasts for Android finally has a built-in sharing option.

The new Android Google Podcasts episode sharing and show sharing feature resides in the overflow menu (the three vertical dots in the upper right). Tapping it opens the device system share menu. Users can share episodes and shows by copying the link, send it directly to another app, or use the Direct Share option.

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