September 22, 2021
Android GoogleTranslate Transcription Mode goes Live

Google Translate Live Transcription Feature is Now Available on Android

Google has made its live transcription service, which works through Google Translate, available on the Android mobile app…

Tech giant Google offered a sneak-peek of its newest trick for Google Translate — a live foreign language transcription — back in January. Now, it’s gone live on the Android mobile app, ready for anyone to use.

Android Google Translate Transcription Mode goes Live

The new Google Translate tool will be able to take a recording in a foreign language and transcribe it into another. This is different from its live transcription feature, which works on-device, and can therefore work offline.

What’s more, it won’t be compatible with audio files. Instead, users will have to utilize the microphone on a smartphone. But, Google states it will be possible to play recorded audio through a speaker and capture it that way.

In order to use the new live transcription service through the Google Translate app, update to the most recent version. Right now, it’s only available on Android and there’s no official word as to when it will arrive for iOS devices. Although, Google has stated that it does plan to bring it over to iOS sometime in the future.

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