The Home Feed of YouTube for Android is Displaying Stories to Non-Subscribers

YouTube Stories

YouTube Stories are now showing up for Android users on the Home feed but for non-subscribers, likely as a test run for increased exposure…

The stories format has become one of the most popular across social media. First appearing courtesy of Snapchat and cloned by Facebook to work on Instagram, it’s proven an effective media.

Last year, YouTube got in on the action, making stories available to creators. It expanded the program and looks like it’s gaining more momentum. (YouTube allowed creators with 10,000 followers or more to opt into the format.)

Android YouTube Home Feed Surfacing Stories for Non-Subscribers

Now, YouTube Stories are starting to surface in the Home feed on Android devices. Well, at least some Android handhelds. It’s showing up in the carousel and it’s actually appearing to users who aren’t subscribed to the creators’ channels.

Tapping on the content reveals “Stories recommendations,” which presents the user with various options. One is to remove the video through “stories you’re not interested in.” 

What’s different that stories on Snapchat or Instagram is this tool is for creators to communicate with fans. It’s not for one-on-one communication. Also, YouTube Stories stay put for seven days (as opposed to other platforms where these disappear in twenty-four hours).

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