January 12, 2022
Android Messages automatic spam protection

Google Starts Releasing Automatic Spam Protection for Android Messages to a Limited Group of Users

Android Messages automatic spam protection begins its roll out to select users, but the way it works does raise some privacy concerns…

Google confirms it’s releasing automatic spam protection for the Android Messages app. First spotted by Android Police, the feature triggers a notification to let users know the tool is live. So, people can disable it at any time.

Android Messages Automatic Spam Protection goes Live for Some Users

The app will analyze inbound messages to detect and block spam. However, critics have raised concerns over privacy due to the way the technology works. Although, Google quickly downplayed objections, telling The Verge: 

“To help identify spammers, Google temporarily stores the phone numbers of people sending and receiving messages with you and the times they messaged with you, but does not store your phone number or the content of these messages.”

It’s another level of protection against the nuisance of spam. And, it comes just a few weeks after the Federal Communications Commission voted to reclassify text messages as information services. That would also help network carriers fight against spam. All of this, after a report concluded in September nearly 50 percent of all mobile calls will be spam/scam calls by 2019.

Currently, the FTC reports it receives nearly 400,000 robocall complaints per day. That works out to an astounding 146 million per year.

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