September 15, 2022
Android Messages Google Assistant integration

Google to Integrate its Digital Assistant into Android Messages Prior to Shutting Down the Allo App

Android Messages/Google Assistant integration is about to happen, just before the company kills off Allo, its not-so-popular instant messaging client…

Google continues toward its objective to add Assistant to everything possible. This includes more than just hardware devices. The search giant aims to integrate Assistant into software, including apps.

Google has already added its digital helper to mobile, in Chrome for Android and it’s also surfaced in Maps. Now, the tech juggernaut has announced it will put Assistant in Android Messages, working much like it did in Allo.

Android Messages/Google Assistant Integration Announced

Google explains this is a natural transition, given Assistant’s abilities. For instance, it can help people plan with one another:

“Conversations are another place where the Google Assistant can lend a helping hand. Over the coming months for English users around the globe, Messages will start showing suggestions so you can get more information from the Google Assistant about movies, restaurants and weather. The Messages app uses on-device AI to offer suggestion chips relevant to your conversation, helping you easily find and share information as you chat one-on-one with your best friend, or in a group chat with your entire family.”

And, Google stresses these personal interactions won’t find their way to Assistant. Furthermore, users can decide who sees their info. The new integration will also be limited to movies, restaurant, and weather, rolling out globally in the next few months.

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