September 21, 2021
Android Messages search filters

Android Messages Introducing Search with Filters for Images, Video, and Links

New Android Messages search filters are coming to the mobile app soon, allowing users to more quickly find pictures, video, and links…

Recently, Android Messages received the latest in Google Material Design. It also debuted a dark mode, to boot. Now, the default SMS/RCS mobile app client will soon get an advanced search function. The change comes with a refreshed design, search filters, and it’s all coming later this week.

Android Messages Search Filters Feature Rolling Out

Back in June, 9to5Google managed to enable the new search feature. It surfaces a new interface, which differs from the current in-line results it now shows. What’s more, Android Messages lists the most frequent contacts. Likewise, it displays a search category carousel which includes images, videos, places, links, as well as locations. Moreover, it contains chat content:

“We share a lot of information in our messages, but it’s not always easy to look back and find that photo your mom sent a month ago or the address of the coffee shop your friend recommended. Now you can find more of the content shared in your conversations in Android Messages, by simply searching by contact or type of content.”

When users select a contact, it brings up all previous conversations, which includes group chats. Down below, there’s a photo grid, video carousel, list of addresses, along with URLs.

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