July 23, 2021
Android Messages web client

Android Messages for the Web is Now Live and Ready to Use

The previously announced Android Messages web client is here and live, allowing users to converse on desktop and laptop machines…

This April, Google revealed it would introduce a new messaging platform named “Chat.” The technology will work on existing RCS standards and will also be integrated into Android Messages.

For those who haven’t yet heard, SMS is the past and RCS is the future. SMS doesn’t support read receipts, group messaging features, or animations. What’s more, SMS is limited to 160 characters and it doesn’t work where signals are unavailable. RCS is already familiar to a whole lot of folks (think Facebook Messenger or iMessage).What’s more, Assistant will likewise join, along with Message functionality. Now, the web client is live and ready to use.

Android Messages Web Client Rolls Out

The new Android Messages web portal functions quite similarly to Allo and WhatsApp. It provides a way to send and receive text messages from a laptop or desktop computer. And, it’s very simple to set up. Android Messages app users simply launch the program on their mobile devices. Next, tap the “More” open on the vertical three-dot menu and choose “Messages for web.” Lastly, scan the code and that’s it. Additionally, users can switch on “Remember this computer,” if desired.

However, it’s important to note, the QR codes are not yet available. It appears some components are not presently in-place but will go live in the near future. Android Messages for the web works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, as well as Microsoft Edge. Support documentation is also yet to be released. (All remaining necessities should become available over the course of the week or soon thereafter.)