October 24, 2021
Android P apps

Android P Apps will No Longer be Able to Spy on Users’ Activities

Android apps currently enjoy unrestricted access to monitor network activity on users’ devices but starting with Android P, that will change…

A well-kept tracking secret is out now. Android apps could monitor users’ network activities, due to unrestricted access. In fact, there’s no way for users to grant permission or to decline — it’s simply on and running. However, beginning with Android P, that will change.

Android P Apps Restricted Monitor Network Activity to Start

What this means is apps can’t monitor other apps. In other words, if one app attempts to connect to an external server, another app can detect the activity. Although the contents remain unknown, it still presents a risk.

With so much recent attention to privacy and data security, this practice will come to an end. Starting with the next iteration, apps targeting API 28 (Android P), won’t have permission to monitor users’ network activity. Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. This only pertains to apps targeting API 28, which means the majority can continue the practice. That is, until 2019, when enhanced restrictions kick-in.

It’s unknown if this security commitment will also extend to older versions of Android and how it will affect network monitoring apps like Monitor Mini. Or, if it will only grant Android P and above devices with more security.