November 2, 2022
Android Shazam app identifies songs through headphones

The Shazam App for Android can Now Identify Songs Playing through Headphones

The popular Shazam app for Android can now identify music tracks played through headphones, instead of through device speakers…

People can ask Google to identify a song simply by using the Google app or Google Assistant. (Just say “Hey Google, what’s this song?) But, probably the most popular standalone app for this task is Shazam.

Now owned by Apple, Shazam can recognize songs playing through speakers. And, it appears to have a new capability, identifying music tracks played through headphones.

Android Shazam App Now Identifies Songs Playing through Headphones

The new Shazam feature now works even if music is played through a headphone jack. Prior to this update, it was necessary to play a song through speakers on a phone or other device and then open the Shazam app, hold a phone nearby.

The new option comes in the form of a chathead style notification. As always, it tells the user the artist name and song title.

What’s odd about this new option is the fact it comes as a persistent notification, which means it’s not likely to make its way over to iOS mobile devices.

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