January 12, 2022
Android TV Now Supports Debuts but a Glitch Prevents Video Calls from Working

Android TV Owners can Now Install Google Duo but Can’t Receive Video Calls

Google Duo can now be installed on Android TVs but there’s a slight problem — the service can’t take calls on the large screen…

Early in August, Google added support for Meet on Chromecast. Then, the company announced it would bring support for Google Duo to Android TV. The tech giant promised Android TV owners would be able to video chat through Google Duo. Plus, it will still work, even if the Android TV isn’t equipped with a camera. Now, that integration is live but there’s just one problem — it doesn’t fully work.

Android TV Support for Google Duo Debuts but a Glitch Prevents Video Calls from Working

There’s actually more than one issue. Once installed, it doesn’t function as people would expect. For instance, Duo doesn’t appear on the homescreen. (It doesn’t even appear in the app tray.) So, the only way to open Google Duo on Android TV is to go into Settings or through Sideload Launcher. After it loads, the usual interface pops up. Meaning, that it isn’t readily accessible. But, that’s not all that’s wrong.

While it is possible to initiate a call on Google Duo through Android TV, it does not receive calls. Presumably, Google is aware of this flaw and is working to fix it. After all, being only half-functional won’t encourage Android TV owners to install and use the video calling service.

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