June 21, 2022
Android TV UI redesign reportedly in the works

Google Reportedly Working on Overhaul of Android TV to Emphasis Content Over Apps

A recent news report claims that Google is in the process of revamping its Android TV user interface, with less focus on apps and more on movies and TV…

As streaming becomes ever more popular and commonplace, there’s increased competition to stand out and deliver what consumers most want. Roku and Netflix are two of the biggest names, and for good reason. One platform with a smaller market share is Android TV and Google is about to significantly change its aesthetics and function, according to a recent report by Protocol

Android TV UI Redesign Reportedly In-the-Works

While most reports center around a name re-branding and hardware changes and upgrades, something else is also ostensibly happening — the total overhaul of the Android TV user interface. If true, it could help to attract more streamers to the platform and also lessen the confusion around it.

As it is, Android TV looks like a Google product. Meaning, it’s more akin to something on the web than it is to a television — even a smart TV. Presently, the experience places large app icons conspicuously on the home screen, with movie and other titles in the center. But, Google is apparently ready for a big change. 

The new version of Android TV will ditch that look, in favor of one that’s more similar to Amazon’s Fire TV interface. This would bring titles to the forefront, an experience that’s much more familiar to anyone with Disney+, Netflix, or Roku. It’s expected to launch with its upcoming streaming device.

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