August 5, 2021
Android TV YouTube app installs surpass 50 million downloads

The YouTube App for Android TV Reaches 50 Million Downloads

Android TV’s YouTube app now claims an astounding 50 million installations, partially revealing the streaming platform’s growing popularity…

One of the ways a number of familiar applications reach high downloads is the fact they come pre-installed on popular devices. Such is the case with the YouTube app for Android TVs, which comes factory installed. But, some counts can show how these type of apps perform organically as well. 

Android TV YouTube App Installs Surpass 50 Million Downloads

First spotted by Android Police, the official listing in the Google Play Store for the YouTube app for Android TV just surpassed 50 million total downloads. This means that since its initial release in 2014, Android TV has definitely caught on with many consumers. 

However, it’s important to note, these figures don’t necessarily reflect the real count. This is because when users switch account profiles on their devices, it adds to the tally, which of course, inflates the overall number.

Although, some quantification is available through data that’s been captured by AppBrain, which shows that Android TV enjoys 2x yearly growth. Put in context with the Android TV YouTube app, these seemingly mirror one another, lending credibility to the cumulative figures. By comparison, Roku has approximately 32 million monthly active users, meaning Google ought to be pleased with Android TV’s performance.

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