June 19, 2021
Android Twitter app navigation bar

Twitter is Running an A/B Test for the Android App Navigation Bar

Some users report a change with the Android Twitter app navigation bar, which apparently is undergoing a limited test at this time…

The Twitter mobile app for Android underwent a major redesign last year, which greatly improved its interface. The most recent change places the navigation bar to the bottom, just like many other Google apps. However, not all users are seeing the change.

Android Twitter App Navigation Bar Test Spotted

Twitter is now running an A/B test for the latest beta version of the Android app — version 7.43. The new bottom bar doesn’t show any changes. In fact, it’s identical to the current configuration, which displays a four tab layout. A blue icon highlight indicates which tab is active. However, the new version ditches the existing blue indicator line.

Some Redditors report with the change, it’s no longer possible to swipe between tabs like before. Additionally, the app displays a light navigation bar if set to “day” viewing. But, one screenshot reveals a dark bar, suggesting that changes are still in-the-works.

The test is seemingly limited, given it’s not appearing for all running the beta version (most still see the regular tab). Moreover, it’s not set to default in the Alpha version 7.44, which likely means it’s still some time before it makes it to stable, wide release.