November 28, 2021
Android YouTube app now supports voice commands for TV apps

YouTube App for Android can Now Act like a Voice-Powered Remote Control for its TV Apps

The YouTube mobile app for Android can now function like a voice-powered remote control for smart TV applications when casting…

Last week, Google introduced quite a few new capabilities to its YouTube app for Android intended to make it easier to use and more accessible. One of the most interesting new features was voice search when casting to smart TVs.

Android YouTube App Now Supports TV App Voice Commands

The YouTube app for Android can now act as a voice-powered remote control for its smart television apps when casting.

Users can simply hit the cast button on the Android app and a microphone appears. It’s then possible to speak queries to find content. For instance, open the YouTube app on an Android device, tap the cast button, and say something like, “Find healthy dinner recipes.”

Other new useful features are “Who’s Watching,” which lets people switch between accounts linked to their devices. YouTube likewise upgraded its navigation menu on the left side that displays favorite pages.

Additionally, the Fire TV YouTube app now supports Alexa voice control. Plus, HDR now works on YouTube for the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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