November 4, 2022
Android YouTube dark theme

YouTube Finally Releases its Dark Theme for Android Devices

The long-awaited Android YouTube dark theme is now making its way out to users’ mobile devices, four months after its iOS release…

YouTube has reimagined the platform in recent months, giving it a total makeover. Back in January, the video hosting site teased a dark mode option. Then, in March, the company made the feature available to Apple mobile devices. Now, it’s starting to arrive on Android, as well. It’s taken quite a bit of time, but appears the wait is coming to an end.

Android YouTube Dark Theme Rolls Out

The Android YouTube dark theme is ideal for watching video in low-light settings or at night. It’s particularly useful to reduce stress on the eyes. Right now, it’s beginning to appear on some Google-powered devices. Which means it’s not yet widely available.

Those who have access to the dark mode will find it tucked in the Settings’ General section. (Google hasn’t yet commented on how long it will take for every Android device to see it.) So, it might take a few days or more to arrive.

It already works on the web and with iOS by changing the main interface background to a dark grey color, with white text. YouTube recently began running a test which expands personal recommendations. And, the video hosting site now automatically adopts the player to accommodate different aspect ratios

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