September 20, 2022
Android's RCS Messaging Global Roll Out is Now Complete

Android is Finally Bidding Farewell to SMS as RCS takes Over

Google is nearly done with its worldwide roll out of RCS messaging for Android devices, replacing SMS technology with a new standard…

Nearly thirty years ago, Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert developed SMS or short message service (known colloquially as “texting”) in 1984. About eight years later in December of 1992, the first text message was sent over the Vodafone GSM network in the UK. Fast forward approximately a decade and a half, and RCS or rich communication services is set to be the legacy messaging standard’s successor.

Android’s RCS Messaging Global Roll Out is Now Complete

Now, Android users around the world have access to the next-generation RCS texting technology as Google seeks to replace SMS entirely. Over the past several years, the tech giant has been working alongside the mobile phone industry and device manufacturers to bring RCS to consumers around the globe. RCS offers better photo and video quality, chat over WiFi or data, tags conversations when messages are read, adds the ability to share reactions, as well as the power to join more dynamic and engaging group chats. Google announces on its official blog

“…we’ve completed our global rollout of chat features to make this modern messaging experience universal and interconnected for everyone on Android. Now anyone using Messages around the world has access to modern chat features either from their carrier or directly from Google.”

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