September 16, 2022
Anti-Robocall Bill TRACED Act Signed into Law

Anti-Robocall Legislation, the TRACED Act, Signed into Law to Help Prevent Pervasive Spam Calls

The TRACED Act is now officially an anti-robocall law, giving new federal agencies and carriers more power to reduce spam calls…

The Pallone-Thrune TRACED Act is now law. The result of bipartisan legislation, the new rules give more tools to federal agencies and carriers alike to fight against the deluge of spam calls.

Anti-Robocall Bill TRACED Act Signed into Law

The Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement Act, or TRACED Act, substantially stiffens penalties for illegal robocalls. It also widens telecoms’ efforts to block spam.

With the passage of the law, fines for illegal robocalls can reach as much as $10,000 per incident. Plus, there’s no warning required, either.

What’s more, carriers must now implement call authentication or SHAKEN/STIR, or “Secure Handling of Asserted information using toKENs” and “Secure Telephony Identity Revisited” protocol.

The number of robocalls placed every month just keeps going up. But there’s good news. Almost half of automated calls placed each month are legitimate. Unfortunately, a very sizable percentage are still spam calls, scam calls, and unsolicited calls.

Reports estimated as many as 47 billion automated calls went out through 2018. That works out to 3.9+ billion per month. In October 2019 alone, 5.7 billion robocalls went out to American consumers. Unbelievably, that’s a 7 percent increase from the last record, set back in March, of 5.2 billion, according to call block app YouMail.

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