June 18, 2021
AOL AIM messenger shuts down

AIM Officially Shuttered after 20 Year Run

AOL AIM messenger shuts down is now officially dead, after a twenty-year run, killed off by Oath, the combined entity of AOL and Yahoo…

Back in October, news came the AOL instant messenger, AIM, would cease being. AOL and Yahoo, both struggling to remain anyway relevant, are now a new entity, known as Oath.

AOL AIM Messenger Shuts Down Officially

Today is the official day, AIM goes away for good. The move follows the company’s discontinuation of third-party apps back in March. Now, AIM support for MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android is gone.

Initially, the legacy chat app debuted in AOL desktop. Then, in 1997, AIM became a standalone app. Eventually, SMS or short-messaging-service, Google GChat, Yahoo messaging, and MSN messaging, outperformed it. At the time, AOL enjoyed a worth of $224 billion in today’s money to just $4.4 billion when it sold to Verizon in 2015. By comparison, WhatsApp sold the same year to Facebook for over $19 billion.

It’s legacy is further dampened by its recent performance. Back in the spring, an insider let it be known usage fell to just single-digit millions. That’s a sad comparison to the likes of other messaging apps.