August 6, 2022
Facebook user targeted push notifications

App Developers Receive Facebook User Targeted Push Notifications

App developers receive a marketing gift in the form of Facebook user targeted push notifications to reach more people, increasing downloads…

App developers are plagued with the ongoing problem of enticing consumers to download their products. That’s changing in-part, thanks to a new Facebook user targeted push notifications option. Part of¬†the Facebook Analytics for Apps solution, it’s open to the 800,000 and growing developer pool.

App Developers get a New Facebook User Targeted Push Notifications Tool

The move comes in response to huge interest from over 10,000 businesses, incrementally expanding access to the feature in the coming months. The company launched push notifications about a month ago in open beta.

Retail chain Target is an early adopter of the technology, using the push campaigns to alert Cartwheel users to deals and offers. The larger Facebook App Analytics is more robust, offering a dashboard with data about app performance relating to conversion rates and user engagement. With this data, app developers can target similar audiences more effectively. It provides the ability to create customized push notifications for specific audience segments to increase engagement. It’s also been streamlined to make it faster.

Facebook asserts the tool is worthwhile, claiming up to 180 percent retention rate when users opt into receiving push notifications. The new tools gives developers the ability to send out branded, rich media cards with photos, emoji, buttons, and GIFs. These allow developers and marketers to provide information about limited-time offers or shopping cart reminders, to name a couple of examples.

Recently, Facebook launched a standalone Events app and third-party platform Shopify lets its users sell their products directly through Facebook Messenger. In September, the social media giant launched new retailer marketing tools and ad options.

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