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App Fatigue Statistics a Foreboding Reality

app fatigue

Current app fatigue statistics do not bode well for brands as consumers engage fewer native apps while favoring only about three daily…

App fatigue statistics are astounding, considering how much time users spend on their mobile devices. The average smartphone user spends 2 hours and 42 minutes on one or mobile device per day, with 2 hours and 19 minutes accounting for apps.

What’s more, smartphone consumers spend 89 percent of media time in apps but just 11 percent on the mobile web. Additionally, smartphone apps account for about half of all internet use.

App Fatigue Statistics Reveal Big Challenges

While these figures seem impressive, the devil is in the details. Fewer the .01 percent of all mobile apps will return a positive ROI, being financially successful by 2018. Approximately 52 percent of all mobile apps lose at least half their peak users after just three months, according to Mobile Marketing Engine.

The average consumer spends 70 to 80 percent of their digital time in their three most-frequently used apps, practically ignoring all others installed. A full 74 percent of all consumers report wanting to uninstall used apps.

Only 1 in 10,000 apps developed break-even or are profitable. A report by Selios reveals it costs less than one-tenth to get a mobile site active user than to get a consumer to download an app. Extrapolate the numbers and it equals about $4 per new app user acquisition. Compared to the former active mobile site user acquisition of just 35 cents.

To combat app fatigue, a relatively new Google initiative is relying on progressive web apps, or PWAs. These aim to improve user experience with an array of useful features. PWAs combine the best of app and mobile web technologies. Recently, Google published its progressive web apps recommendations to provide guidelines and best practices.

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