September 30, 2022
Apple Adds a New Microphone Detection Warning Alert to iPhones

Apple will Warn iPhone Owners when Their Microphones are Activated

Apple is taking its iPhone owners’ privacy to a new level, by introducing a new feature that alerts them when the microphone turns on…

Just about everyone has experienced the eerie feeling of discussing a product or service with someone else, only to see an ad for it pop up on Facebook or Google shortly thereafter. It’s a common misconception that smartphone microphones are used as clandestine listening devices. But, it’s more to do with the fact that mobile apps have become so sophisticated, they’re able to collect huge amounts of personal data in several subtle ways.

Apple Adds a New Microphone Activation Detection Warning Alert to the iPhone

However, it is somewhat true that companies do exploit cameras and microphones — just not in a way a majority of consumers believe. Rather than recording speech, they instead register non-spoken audio signals. In fact, more than 250 apps with this very capability can be found on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Through such apps, advertisers can learn information like what consumers watch on television and track their location.

Basically, the technology has become so sophisticated, it’s become unnerving to many. That’s led Apple to build a new feature. One that appears on iOS 14, which will illuminate a green light in the upper right hand corner of the screen that tells iPhone owners if the camera is open. Or, if the microphone is active, an orange light will appear. Then, iPhone owners can go into the Control Center to turn off any apps accessing the camera and microphone.

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