November 9, 2022
Apple and Google suspend human monitoring of user voice recordings

Apple and Google both Suspend Programs of Human Monitoring of Users’ Voice Recordings

Google and Apple have temporarily discontinued programs which have humans monitor users’ mobile device voice recordings…

Apple is globally shelving its program that has humans monitor users’ voice recordings. Likewise, Google has done much the same. This, after reports emerged the companies have people listen to users’ voice recordings to improve their digital assistants.

Apple and Google Suspend Human Voice Recording Monitoring

Both tech corporations use various techniques to improve user experience in a number of ways. But, the EU has issued recent warnings, stating it has concerns about consumer data use. The German data protection authority says:

“The use of automatic speech assistants from providers such as Google, Apple and Amazon is proving to be highly risky for the privacy of those affected. This applies not only to people who run a speech assistant, but to all those who come into contact with it, for example if they live in a household in which devices such as Google Assistant are installed are used.”

Just last week, The Guardian reported how Apple uses voice snippets. Said recordings contain personal information, such as “medical information, drug deals, and recordings of couples having sex” are being heard by human contractors around the world.

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