November 25, 2021
Apple and Verizon form robocall protection partnership

Apple and Verizon Join Forces to Send Robocalls Directly to Voicemail without Ringing Phones

Verizon and Apple are now working together to stop the robocall nuisance, teaming up to send unwanted calls directly to voicemail without ringing phones…

The Apple corporation is developing a native iOS14 spam call blocking feature with Verizon.The new tool will first become available to the public through a beta release, but users need to have Verizon’s Call Filter Plus installed and running. When it hits, the tech is supposed to do a lot to reduce the annoyance.

Apple and Verizon form Robocall Protection Partnership

The tool, called Silence Junk Callers, is designed to identify numbers that Verizon’s network has previously tagged as potential spam or fraud. Those calls classified as such will be automatically sent to voicemail so customers’ phones don’t even ring. This way, people won’t be unnecessarily bothered.

There’s more good news. Silence Junk Callers is already accessible to any Verizon customer that subscribes to Call Filter Plus, and who are also part of Apple’s Beta Software Program. (Later this year, the new robocall handling tool will be made available to all Verizon customers with iPhones for free.)

If this sounds a bit familiar, similar tools are in development and being tested by other wireless carriers. Also, Google Pixel owners already enjoy a Google Assistant feature which automatically detects spam and fraud numbers, and screens incoming calls.

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