August 9, 2022
Apple Announces CarPlay Total Refresh

Apple’s Latest Redesign of CarPlay Basically Turns Infotainment Screens into iPads

Apple has unveiled its newest design for Apple CarPlay and the next-generation system integrates deeper into infotainment screens…

Apple announced during this year’s WWDC its complete refresh of CarPlay. The tech company states it will integrate deeper with infotainment systems and instrument panels, basically turning them into virtual iPads. Of course, the new look sports a very Apple-style widget design. However, it’s not just the aesthetics the company changed up with the newest version. It’s packed full of functions, too.

Apple Announces CarPlay Total Refresh

Apple’s rebuild of CarPlay will allow drivers to add trip information, control car climate, view weather forecasts, see updated navigation data, display fuel and battery levels, and more. Plus, it should automatically adapt to different screen sizes so it works with every system. The end result makes it look like there’s an iPad on the main screen. Yet, Apple says it plans to announce more features late next year.

Additionally, auto manufacturers have already begun planning to integrate this next generation of CarPlay. These include such familiar brands as Ford, Audi, Jaguar-Land Rover, Nissan, Volvo, Polestar, and more. Apple states that 98 percent of all new cars come equipped with CarPlay and 79 percent of buyers consider this a necessary feature before making a purchase.

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