June 23, 2022
Apple App Store developers earnings

Over the Past 11 Years, iOS Mobile App Developers have Earned $120 Billion Combined

Apple App Store developers earnings have totaled up to a whopping $120 billion in just over a decade, the company states before its Entrepreneur Camp…

Tech giant Apple will soon host its Entrepreneur Camp in Cupertino. Ahead of the event, the company has invited eleven female-lead organizations to attend several workshops and meetings with Apple team members.

To promote the gathering, Apple also released some interesting numbers in regard to its App Store revenue.

Apple App Store Developers Earned $120 Billion Since 2008

Apple says that since it’s launched the App Store, the company has given $120 billion to developers. That’s approximately $10.9 billion per year. (Of course, this means the digital store has generated far more earnings over the same course of time.)

Additionally, revenue from the store continues to grow at a healthy pace. About $30 billion of that total has already been generated in the past twelve months. Apple also reported $100 billion in developer revenue for WWDC in June of last year.

Although, this does not account for what those same developers earned independently of the App Store. Meaning, the figure only represents download, in-app purchases, and subscription through Apple’s marketplace. So, devs also earned additional money through other streams, such as website ads and subscriptions.

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