September 17, 2022
Apple Blocked Nearly 1 Million Suspicious Apps from its iOS App Store in 2020

Apple Reveals it Removed almost 1 Million Bad Apps from its App Store Last Year, Saving Consumers $1.5 Billion

Apple says that it blocked almost one million bad mobile applications from its iOS Store in 2020, potentially saving $1.5 billion in scams…

Apple recently revealed it pulled just shy of 1 million dodgy apps from its iOS App Store last year. The news came inside a stream of statistics demonstrating how the company helps protect App Store users in a great year for cybercrime across the globe. The company’s preventative actions ostensibly saved consumers from an astounding $1.5 billion in rip offs of all kinds.

Apple Blocked Nearly 1 Million Suspicious Apps from its iOS App Store in 2020

Of the apps blocked from the iOS App Store, over 150,000 were rejected as “spam, copycats or misleading to users.” Meanwhile, about 215,000 were blocked over privacy concerns or violations. Additionally, more than 48,000 were turned down for containing hidden or undocumented features. Also, Apple deactivated 244 million customer accounts, along with 470,000 developer accounts. Plus, rejected 424 million attempted account creations. Apple explains in a blog post the following:

“It takes significant resources behind the scenes to ensure these bad actors can’t exploit users’ most sensitive information, from location to payment details. While it’s impossible to catch every act of fraud or ill intent before it happens, thanks to Apple’s industry-leading antifraud efforts, security experts agree the App Store is the safest place to find and download apps.”

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