January 19, 2022
Apple changes app store search results

Apple Altered its App Store Search Results to give Third-Party Developers more Visibility

Apple has tweaked its search rankings for apps in its own App Store, which gives third-parties better chances of competing…

This summer, Apple changed how its App Store algorithms ranked apps. The company did so because it noticed searches would result in its proprietary apps ranked at the top. Now, with the change, third-party developers get more visibility.

Apple Changes App Store Search Results to Boost Third-Parties

Previous, if a query included several Apple apps, the algorithm would show more software from the developer. However, people would more often choose the proprietary Apple apps over third-parties.

To remedy the situation, the tech corporation limited the behavior earlier this year. Then, in July, disabled the practice across-the-board.

Apple certainly isn’t the only one that’s alleged to prioritize favoritism. Rival Google has likewise faced regulatory action for preferring its own products in search results.

For instance, Stitcher reports it did not see the search query “podcast” as a significant download source from the Apple App Store. Also, Spotify ranked 23rd for “music.” 

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