November 27, 2021
Apple Considering Letting iOS Users to Set Default Apps

Report Reveals Apple is ‘Considering’ Allowing its Customers to Set their Own Default Apps

A recent news report states that the Apple corporation is debating whether or not to let its customers set their own default apps…

One of the most annoying OEM practices is to set programs and mobile applications as defaults without allowing consumers to customize the experience to their choice. Apple might change the way it’s always done things, according to a recent news report by Bloomberg.

Apple Considering Letting iOS Users to Set Default Apps

Apple could soon let its customers set their favorite apps as the default, something that’s nearly unheard of in today’s tech world. For instance, when iOS owners open a link or email address, the device launches Safari or the Mail app — respectively — even in the case when people have never used them or have deleted them.

The same is also true for Apple Maps, which comes set as the default on iOS, and apparently cannot be changed by the end-user.

Right now, Apple devices currently ship equipped with more than thirty applications that are, of course, in-house originals. All of which are set to default since the company launched its App Store in July of 2008.

If the report is true, Apple will allow its iOS customers to set third-party apps as their default choices to give them more granular customization power.

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