May 20, 2022
Apple Finally Makes it Possible to Rate and Review Apps on the Apple Store

Yes, it’s Now Possible to Rate and Review Apple Apps on the Apple App Store

Apple now allows users to post reviews and rate Apple apps on the Apple App Store, something that’s long-been conspicuously absent…

Apple has let people download or redownload all kinds of built-in apps from its App Store. These include never-before tried and those previously deleted. But, one of the biggest differences from this marketplace than practically every other is there was no way to rate and/or review said apps. This was quite strange yet, it remained the case, that is, up until now because the Apple App Store allows people to review and rate applications.

Apple Finally Makes it Possible to Rate and Review Apps on the Apple Store

Unsurprisingly, just a cursory scan of Apple’s proprietary apps reveal people aren’t leaving overwhelmingly positive scores. For example, Files, Apple Maps, and Home all scored between three and three-and-a-half stars. Also, Apple News sits at a very unimpressive 2.3 stars. Meanwhile, Podcasts performs even more poorly, earning merely two stars.

Of course, since it’s only now possible to actually give public feedback, many of Apple’s apps don’t even have triple digit ratings. In other words, too few people have put in their two cents and it will likely take some time before there’s more of a general consensus. So, whether this will work out and boost Apple’s digital product popularity remains to be seen.

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