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M1 Owners Rudely Discover they Can’t Sideload iPhone Apps Anymore

Apple is Preventing MI Mac Owners from Sideloading iOS Apps

Credit: 9to5Mac

Apple is blocking M1 Mac sideloading capabilities with third-party tools, stopping owners from downloading a number of popular iOS apps…

Not long after Apple released its M1 Mac, a third-party developer introduced a tool to facilitate loading unsupported iOS applications. Now, just a few months later, that workaround has been disabled by the tech company through the roll out of a server-side update. Which means sideloading popular iPhone apps on the M1 Mac is no longer possible and it’s very unlikely another bypass will become available.

Apple is Preventing MI Mac Owners from Sideloading iOS Apps

Now, when someone using the iMazing tool attempts to sideload an unsupported iOS mobile application, an error message appears. So, apps like Netflix, Instagram, Xbox, and more can’t be installed onto M1 Macs. Originally, 9to5Mac reported on the change, explaining the change is probably a permanent one: 

“The change itself was made to the App Store system that delivers the actual .IPA file and it is all part of Apple’s APIs that manage the DRM (Digital Rights Management) protections of the operating system. Because of this, it’s unlikely that a workaround will present itself in the future.”

When the M1 chip debuted, it presented the potential to run iPhone and iPad apps natively on its newest machines. However, developers could opt-out and that’s why many popular applications aren’t supported on M1 Macs. This, in-turn, made sideloading a big deal but now the practice can’t be utilized.

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