November 3, 2022
Apple Launches a Dedicated Apple Card Website

A Year After Apple First Introduced its Card, there’s Now a Website to Manage It

Apple introduced the Apple card back in April of 2019, but it isn’t until now that the company created a website for managing the payment method…

Just over a year ago, Apple dove further into the fintech world with its own proprietary consumer credit card. It offers 3 percent cash back on any purchases from its namesake, 2 percent on purchases from Apple pay, and 1 percent made with the regular card. But, until now, managing an account required an iPhone or iPad and the Wallet app. Of course, this made it a bit difficult, because a website is a much easier way.

Apple Launches a Dedicated Apple Card Website

The the new web portal, unsurprisingly resides at The site itself, although aesthetically pleasing, as many of Apple’s products are, conspicuously lacks any way to apply for the actual card. However, current account holders are able to access their balances, transactions, and make payments.

The Apple corporation itself doesn’t back the card. Instead, it has partnered with Goldman Sachs in the fintech venture. What’s on is the fact that it took the technology company so long to build and publish a website dedicated to its own credit card.

Apple isn’t the only one entering this space, Google is reportedly working on its own debit card that would of course, pair up with Google Pay. Samsung has also released one of its own, which is linked to Samsung Pay.

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