December 2, 2021
Apple Music app battery drain bug plagues iOS version 13-5-1

There’s a Strange Bug with the Latest iPhone Software and It’s Driving People Nuts

A peculiar iPhone bug is annoying device owners with the most recent iteration of the phone’s software because it drains the battery and more…

Apple is about to release version 14 of its iOS platform in two months. But, until then, the company continues to roll out minor updates to build 13. These include security updates, Face ID improvements, along with the Exposure Notification API that gives developers the option to create contact-tracing apps. But, it also brought with it a weird bug.

Apple Music App Battery Drain Bug Plagues iOS Version 13.5.1

Whenever a new phone update arrives, it typically corrects certain issues and improves device security. However, with iOS 13.5.1, the new iteration actually infected devices with a bug that’s apparently contained in the Apple Music app. Reportedly, when listening to Apple Music, there’s unusual and serious battery drain.

Not only does the issue cause the battery life to substantially decline, it can also make devices very hot. Over the past few days, iPhone owners have taken to social media and forums to complain about the problem. And, some have shared potential fixes for the issue, as well.

Some people experiencing the battery drain have noticed it still occurs, even when the Apple Music app isn’t running. But, a few people have found a fix by resetting all of the settings on their devices. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Another potential fix is to delete the Apple Music app and then reinstall it.

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