November 4, 2022
Apple Music subscriptions surpass 60 million

Apple Music Now Boasts 60 Million Subscribers

Apple Music subscriptions have reached a milestone of 60 million customers, adding 10 million since April of this year…

When people think about streaming music subscriptions, Pandora or Spotify probably come to mind first. But, Google and Apple are also making headway in the space.

Apple Music Subscriptions Reach 60 Million Customers

Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue tells French media site, Numerama Apple Music now has 60 million subscribers. That’s an increase of 20 percent over April, when it reached 50 million subscribers. Although, it’s well short of rival Spotify, which has 100 million subscribers worldwide.

Cue credits the increase to Apple’s recent approach to gaining more customers. Just this year, the service gave Shazam users a free trial to Apple Music. The service likewise substantially reduced prices in India and offered free streaming with American Airlines. 

Meanwhile, Spotify also continues its push to gain more paying customers, bundling its service with The New York Times, Hulu, Samsung, and Starbucks.

Apple Music is expected to take the place of iTunes music section on the web for desktop when macOS Catalina rolls out this coming fall.

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