June 18, 2021
Apple Music web player moves out of beta testing

Apple Brings its Music Web Player Out of Beta, Now Available on Windows 10, Chrome OS, and Linux

Apple has moved its Music desktop player out of its beta program, bringing it to full availability on the web on Windows 10, Chrome OS, and Linux…

Last fall, Apple unveiled a browser-based version of its Music app, debuting it in beta mode. With it came the ability to listen without needing iTunes or the Mac app to stream Apple playlists. Now, it’s out of testing and live on the web, compatible with Windows 10, Chrome OS, and Linux, according to a recent report by Mac Rumors.

Apple Music Web Player Moves Out of Beta Testing for Use on Windows 10, Chrome OS, and Linux

The newly released Apple Music web player — accessible at music.apple.com — is quite similar to its Mac app counterpart. There’s “For You,” “Browse,” and “Radio” sections, along with playlists and recommendations. Plus, there’s also Apple Music Replays, a feature which curates listener’s favorite songs from every year they’re subscribed to Apple Music.

The move to desktop is a part of Apple’s eventual transition to separate apps for Apple, Podcast, and TV. It likewise serves as a telltale sign of the end of the iTunes platform as it exists because it makes for a way for Apple to go after new subscribers regardless of the platform they prefer to listen. As of last summer, Apple Music claimed 60 million paying customers.

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