November 27, 2021
Apple Music's New Voice Plan Pushes Siri to the Forefront

Now, Apple has a New Strategy for Getting People to Actually Use Siri through Apple Music’s New Voice Plan

Apple isn’t nearly done with pushing Siri, placing it at the center of the company’s new Voice plan for streaming music via spoken command…

Apple recently celebrated an entire decade of disappointing performance from its digital assistant, Siri. Google Assistant remains at the top of the pack in accurately answering questions, followed by Siri’s second-place performance, and Alexa rounds out the top three. But, Siri doesn’t always deliver and struggles in many other areas. Still, Apple wants more people to use it and so, the company introduced a new music plan at the MacBook Pro event.

Apple Music’s New Voice Plan Pushes Siri to the Forefront

Apple Music’s new Voice plan makes Siri an integral part of a new way to stream tunes. During the event, the company explained that its new plan was “designed around the power of Siri.” This is a bit strange, given it’s already possible to play music through an iPhone or iPad. So, Siri isn’t really necessary but Apple has made it the only way to use certain features.

Subscribers can access all 90+ million songs available on Apple Music, but only through Siri voice commands. For those interested, it’s now available by saying, “Hey Siri, start my Apple Music Voice trial.” Or, just activate it through the Apple Music app.

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