September 20, 2022
Apple News brings audio stories and a daily podcast

Apple is Adding Audio Stories and a Daily Podcast to Apple News

Apple News continues to expand, with its addition of a daily podcast, audio stories, and by extending its local coverage, offering more content…

Apple isn’t done building out Apple News and News+ by any means. In fact, the company continues to expand its offerings, including putting more focus on audio and local news. This will give users a lot more, like the ability to listen to long-form stories on the platform at their leisure.

Apple News Brings Audio Stories and a Daily Podcast

Apple is not only providing more ways to access news content, it’s also getting into the podcast world with its own daily digest called Apple News Today. The company won’t wall it off behind the Apple News+ subscription, so anyone can listen. Plus, CarPlay now supports Apple News, making content even more available on-the-go.

But, that’s not all. Apple is also expanding its local news coverage. The platform now has more major local sources, like theĀ Miami Herald, The Charlotte Observer, and some others. Plus, people living in the Bay Area, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York can access curated local news collections from a variety of publishers.

Apple News currently boasts more than 125 million active users in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

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