December 8, 2021
Apple now allows apps to send push notification ads

Apple will Allow Mobile Apps to Send Advertisements via Push Notifications after Updating its App Store Guidelines

Apple has changed its App Store guidelines, now permitting apps to send advertisements to users through push notifications…

The Apple corporation has long put a number of restrictions on what mobile applications can and can’t do. One such prohibition is against using push notifications for marketing purposes. But, that’s changed, as 9to5Mac reports, after a tweak to its App Store guidelines.

Apple Now allows Apps to Send Push Notification Ads

Apple has updated its rules about how mobile apps can operate, following a couple of notable incidents over the past two years. Said scenarios bent the company’s own proprietary rules, when the tech giant sent out push notifications that could have easily passed for advertisements.

Since that very behavior wasn’t allowed and could result in bans or push notification privileges revoked, it sparked widespread criticism of the practice. As a result (at least in-part) Apple has changed its standards to allow apps to send out ads via push notifications.

Although, this isn’t carte blanche permission. Apple will continue to monitor apps, plus, it will give its customers control over when they actually see the adverts.

Moreover, the company expanded its scrutiny, promising to reject fortune telling and dating apps that do not “provide a unique, high-quality experience.” Additionally, the company added a rule banning programs that can be “used to commit or attempt to commit crimes of any kind by helping users evade law enforcement.”

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